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Let us not forget what we are defending.
The Lemon of Menton has obtained recognition of its specificity and excellence by a protected geographical index. This citrus has become for Menton and the communes of the IGP an essential element of its history and its heritage.

Lemon of Menton acquired its letters of nobility in the eighteenth century, then it became the driving force of the Mentonian economy until the XIXth century, obtaining an international reputation that lasts still today.

It is therefore our duty to combine this multi-decade heritage with modernity today, characterized by a quality approach. All members of the APCM have only one objective: "to ensure that the cultivation practices of the producers who have shaped over time a single terroir remain faithful and transmitted faithfully".

Want to discover the "Citron de Menton", do not hesitate to download below all the available documents :

The Association for the Promotion of Lemon of Menton is an association law 1901, created since January 13, 2004, whose purpose is, on the one hand, to promote the emergence and development of the citrus industry and on the other hand, undertake all the necessary actions to promote the Citron de Menton.
The Protected Geographical Indication guarantees a link between a product and its terroir. The IGP is mandatorily owned by a collective structure that brings together operators called the Defense and Management Ombudsman (ODG).
The quality
The Lemon of Menton is harvested by hand. It does not undergo any traction after harvest and is not coated with any wax, whatever its composition. The Lemon of Menton is juicy. It has a minimum juice content of 25%. This very fragrant juice has a semi-acid flavor, without characteristic bitterness.
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